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Ashigaru Monoblos
Drawn one eventually
Titles Killerspear, The Spear with the splitting roar, Desert Ruler, Deadly Splitting Spear Monoblos (JPN Name)
Nicknames HC Mono, The Spear, Ultimate Monoblos, Epic Monoblos, Deviant Monoblos
General Info
Monster Class Flying Wyvern
Habitats Scorched Temple, Misty Peaks, Olympian Peak
Size Very Large
Relatives Monoblos, White Monoblos, Diablos, Black Diablos
Signature Move Roaring Charge
Elements Earth
Ailments Stun
Weaknesses Thunder
Creator Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

Ashigaru Monoblos are Variants of Monoblos, introduced in MHFE.


Ashigaru Monoblos are much larger than average Monoblos and, in extension, have some major differences compared to regular Monoblos.

Its most notable difference is the huge, bent upwards horn. This horn is red due to being covered in blood and soot, which makes it even more durable than it already is. Because of this weapons always bounce off, no matter what sharpness they have.

Its body plates are a pale chestnut brown while the visible skin is very dark brown, the same goes for the spikes. All of its spikes and spines are enlarged, some are even broken off. Its tail club is much larger while the spikes on it are asymmetric, the ones on the left side being very small, unlike the ones on the right side, which are very large. The tail in general is more muscular and it is also enlarged, as the Monoblos has learned how to bounce and balance on it.

Its second most notable feature is a small throat sac, implying that its larynx and vocal cords are greatly enlarged. Due to this all of its roars are incredibly loud and easily capable of causing great damage to nearby hunters. Its roars can even make weapons lose sharpness as they crack and break.

Ecological Information

Placement In Food Chain

Ashigaru Monoblos are Apex Monsters, no matter what area they are found in. Scientists speculate they might have become omnivores, making it easy for them to settle down in even the most hostile areas.

Behavior Towards Other Monsters

Most monsters prefer to avoid a Ashigaru Monoblos, as they are strong and incredibly short-tempered. Generally, Ashigaru Monoblos chase away intruders without a second thought, even going as far as killing some unlucky foes.

Most monsters flee from Ashigaru Monoblos, this Deviant being an impressive sight to behold. Thus, it doesn't need to fight very often. However, it does compete with some of the stronger species found in the areas it lives in.

Turf Wars

  • Ashigaru Monoblos vs. Rathian:
  • Ashigaru Monoblos vs. Monoblos: The two wyvern first heavily taunt each other, displaying their frills and showing off their horns. Suddenly, the Killerspear charges at the Monoblos out of nowhere, trying to crash into the Monoblos. The Monoblos manages to evade, digging into the floor in an attempt to attack. The Killerspear unleashes a bloodcurdling scream, throwing the Monoblos out of the ground. The Ashigaru Monoblos crashes into the stuck Monoblos, almost scooping its opponent out of the ground. It then throws the Monoblos onto the ground causing high damage. This turf war is the same for White Monoblos.
  • Ashigaru Monoblos vs. Diablos: Starts like the Monoblos Turf War, except that instead of the wyverns charging at each other, the Diablos tries to scare its opponent off by screaming loudly. The Ashigaru Monoblos, unfazed by this attempt, digs underground and surfaces directly under the Diablos, spearing it with its large horn and causing very high damage. The Diablos wriggles and screams, trying to break free. The Diablos's uncontrolled movements causes the Killerspear to lose balance and trip, causing minor damage to the Killerspear. The injured Diablos digs and flees, ending the turf war. This turf war is the same for Black Diablos.
  • Ashigaru Monoblos vs. Rajang:
  • Ashigaru Monoblos vs. Mikiragaan: The Ashigaru Monoblos is unfamiliar with the Mikiragaan Species, thus it tries to attack them without hesitating. The Mikiragaan, however, is just as strong as the Killerspear, making it a hard fight for both of them. The Ashigaru Monoblos tries to crash into the Mikiragaan, but the Mikiragaan is, surprisingly, faster. It slides to its right, and then rams its head into the Monoblos's side, forcing it to the ground. The Monoblos uses this moment to dig into the ground, attempting to ram into the Mikiragaan from below. However, the Mikiragaan is far too heavy for the Monoblos and the attack fails miserably. The Monoblos's horn is crushed under the Mikiragaan's weight, causing high damage to the Monoblos. The Monoblos screams in pain and, enraged, surfaces again. The Mikiragaan bellows, releasing its fluid and so finally repelling its opponent.


Ashigaru Monoblos leave behind a number of tracks. Usually footsteps or Jagged Scratch Marks from sharpening its horn at rocks or tree trunks.

Special Locale Interactions

When cornered in an area with breakable rocks, the Killerspear will actively charge into these rocks, perform an uppercut attack and send chunks of the rocks flying in every direction.

Special Behavior

Should the Ashigaru Monoblos get stuck in a rock or wall, it will perform a special move.

It violently rips its horn out of the obstacle, using the momentum to swiftly turn around and perform a charge attack.



Ashigaru Monoblos
Ashigaru Monoblos Icon.png Whenever this one-horned Wyvern appears, one more village gets evacuated. Hunters don't fight it too often, but if a hunter that is foolish or brave enough shows up, they usually get smashed into oblivion by its tail, deafened by its ear piercing roar, or shred into pieces with its giant crimson horn that is said to be invincible. Requires special permission to hunt.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged
    • Drools green fluid. Horn glows red and eyes change to yellow.
  • Tired
    • Fluid on beak vanishes and its horn decolors.

Interaction with the Frenzy, Apex, Hyper Status

As a Deviant, Ashigaru Monoblos is immune to all kinds of viruses and infections.


It has the usual Flying Wyvern mount. However, when enraged it has the ability to knock hunters off with its roar.


It shares most of is attacks with Monoblos, White Monoblos, the Diablos and even with Gravios.

  • Tremor Burrow: Everytime it digs and moves around it causes tremors that can trap a hunter.
  • Deadly Roars: When the Ashigaru Monoblos roars, it will now damage hunters near it.
  • Roaring Charge: It growls and starts to run very fast, while shrieking very, very loudly.
  • Slam!: Slams its head on the ground causing quakes. The dust that erupts from the ground can cause Earthblight.
  • Tail Bounce: Rears up and bounces on its tail in the fashion of Great Maccao. Can either finish it with a body slam, or fly in the air and land like a Gravios.
  • Roaring Dig: Ashigaru Monoblos digs, but instead of going into the ground immediately it will trample through the floor similar to HC Monoblos while roaring loudly. However, when somebody throws a sonic bomb in the right moment the Killerspear will crash into the floor.
  • Spinning Horn: Tenses up and circles its head around, jumps into the air and crashes back into the ground, digging into the floor. Done similar to Stonefist Hermitaur.
  • Ground Grinder: Rams its horn into the ground and starts to charge while kicking up dust and rocks causing earthblight. When charging into a rock it will tear the rock out of the ground launch it at someone.
  • Tail Catapult: Slams its tail into a nearby wall tearing out a huge boulder. It will then launch this boulder onto a nearby hunter.
  • Digging Charge: It jumps into the air like Massacre Demon Diablos, digging into the ground and resurfacing like Black Diablos. It will, however, instead of performing a charge perform the Ground Grinder attack.
  • Head-first into the Ground: Ashigaru Monoblos starts to charge and after a second it thrusts its horn into the ground - the momentum from the charge will launch it into the air. It will then slam onto the ground.
  • Roaring Slam: Roars loudly, cuts the roar short, slams its tail into the ground, balances on it and crash lands onto the ground.
  • Multiplied Digs: Monoblos jumps into the ground only to resurface right after that and jump into the ground again, almost like an Agnaktor. This attack sends boulders flying everywhere, as well as causing heavy tremors.
  • Cry of Despair: Ashigaru Monoblos growls, inflates its throat sack and lets out a small roar before it breathes in and lets out a terrifyingly loud scream that can send hunters flying far away and can even make a weapon lose sharpness. It will taunt after this.

Rage Mode

  • Roar of Fury: Upon entering rage mode it will perform its Cry of Despair and finish it up with inhaling deeply and letting out a third roar that sends it into its rage mode.
  • Uncontrollable Charge: Growls and starts to charge, turning around multiple times and screaming every time it turns around.
  • Aimed Resurface: If a hunter is trapped in a tremor, the Monoblos usually just resurfaces beneath them, but in Rage Mode it will jump out beneath them while violently jerking its head from side to side.
  • Drill Charge: Jumps back and charges while flapping its wings. If it has built up enough momentum, it will lift itself up and drill through the air, aiming at a hunter. It finishes this move with a crash land that causes tremors.
  • Flying Charge: Due to Ashigaru Monoblos's more evolved wings it gained the ability to fly. It bounces on its tail, launches itself into the air while flapping its wings. When in the air it will charge like a Rathalos and crash land onto the ground.
  • Backflip: Ashigaru Monoblos digs and resurfaces quickly, launching itself into the air in a Rathian-like backflip. This backflip launches the hunter up in the air and pins them down again. When the hunter is pinned down the Monoblos will crash land onto them.
    • Earth Wall: Monoblos stomps the ground with great force, causing a small mountain to rise out of the earth. It then rams its horn into it, lifts it off the ground and makes it collapse onto a hunter.
  • Heaven and Earth: Monoblos winds up and performs a fast 360 tail swing, sending hunters flying into the air, then flies up and rams them, turning around and diving back to earth while spinning and slamming onto the ground, sliding as it halts it momentum.
  • Charged Horn Slam: It charges itself up until its horns glows red, leaps up with a strong uppercut, dives down, planting its horn into the ground, rips out a huge rock and flings it forward. The rock crashes in a huge dust cloud.
  • Monoblos's Might: Ashigaru Monoblos raises its tail while looking at it as it growls. It then rams its tail into the ground with great force, anchoring it into the ground. It pulls forward several times while still on the same spot and the finally lifts a massive chunk of earth out of the ground that is nearly the size of itself. It will then leap into the air and slam it down onto a targeted hunter with a powerful frontal flip.
  • Deadliest of Charges: Ashigaru Monoblos plants its horn into the ground as it freezes for a second. It then starts to slightly push forward through the ground, causing powerful quakes. Then, without any warning, it starts running at full speed and force at the hunter, flinging rocks to the sides. After that it forcefully swings its head upwards flinging four large rocks upwards that land north, east, south and west of its.
  • Tornado of Stones: Slamming its tail into a wall, Monoblos rips off a boulder half the size of its own body that covers its tail. It starts spinning faster and faster while slowly moving towards a hunter. After a few seconds, Monoblos alters the trajectory upwards, launching itself backwards into the air towards the hunter, turning around in mid-air and slamming it down with a frontflip. Monoblos slides while facing in the direction it came from upon landing.


  • Back Wounded
  • Tail Wounded
    • Tail Severed
  • Horn Damaged (Tip chipped, several cracks along base)
    • Horn Severed (Can only be done when the monster is at 25% health; reduces horn size to half its original size, leaving a mere spike and weakens size and damage of attacks by it; can be carved once)


Material Description
Shell Icon Red.svg Ashigaru Cortex Very strong carapace of a Ashigaru Monoblos, mostly obtained by carving. Pulsating with seething anger.
Monster Part Icon Red.svg Ashigaru Monoblos Chine Very rare Ashigaru Monoblos material, usually obtained by breaking its back. Duststorms have hardened it over the years.
Monster Part Icon Red.svg Ashigaru Monoblos Tailcase Very strong part of a Ashigaru Monoblos's tail. Usually obtained by wounding its tail, it is extremely heavy and stout.
Horn Icon Dark Red.svg Terrifying Crimsonhorn Rare and strong Ashigaru Monoblos material. Obtained by breaking its horn. Covered in soot and what seems to be blood.
Mantle Icon Dark Red.svg Ashigaru Monoblos Gemstone A rare gem said to have formed within Ashigaru Monoblos tissue. Gives you command over the very desert itself.


  • Weapons show the final sharpness and attack.

Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Cost
Long Sword Icon Dark Blue.png
Demonic Duneslasher 340 0%

None The final form of the Bloodred Scythe, this sword can take out entire armies. It puts the soul of the Killerspear on display whenever you swing it. Can turn you into a bloodthirsty wyvern if your soul isn't absolutely pure. 150000z
Sword and Shield Icon Dark Blue.png
Ferocious Quicksand 340 0%

None The final form of the Quicksand Club. A truly demonic weapon - fast, deadly. Nothing can withstand it like nothing can survive a deadly sandstorm. Handle it with care, it can choose its master and if it doesn't choose you... 150000z
Lance Icon Dark Blue.png
Bloodred Killerspear 345 0%

None The final form of the Slashing Killerspear. It is the incarnation of the Killerspear's horn and truly a masterpiece! It can tear huge boulders apart, make dunes disappear and cause eternal sandstorms. 150000z
Charge Blade Icon Dark Blue.png
Towering Dune 340, KO-Phial 0%

None The final form of the Wandering Dune. A Blade and an Axe in united in a perfect dance of sands. Red dust and light sand never stop moving and so this weapon is always in motion. What will you do to stop it? 150000z

Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Dark Blue.png
Devilish Grimace 98 - 160 o - - The menacing face of a Killerspear, grinning and staring at whoever passes by. Its soul is trapped in it forever, screaming and roaring in pain and always trying to escape and destroy everything in its rage. 25600z
Chest Icon Dark Blue.png
Demonic Heart 98 - 160 o - - Can you feel the beating heart of the Killerspear? It will always be there, always alive and always in a burning rage. You can feel the heat, feel the incredible pain it must go through, but you will never surrender! 25600z
Arm Icon Dark Blue.png
Devilish Claw 98 - 160 o - - Look at the claws, look at the spines. What can you see? It's the aura of the Killerspear you're claiming your strength of! It looks like a sandstorm forming and collapsing again, always ready to strike! 25600z
Waist Icon Dark Blue.png
Devil's Belt 98 - 160 - - This belt is made of one hundred scales but it's still as light as a feather. The rage of the Killerspear fuels you and gives you eternal power and might. Use it wisely! 25600z
Leg Icon Dark Blue.png
Demonic Stomp 98 - 160 - - - One stomp with this and mountains collapse! If you wear this claw you will never be tired again and always ready to run right through your foes. The Killerspear's might is forced to stay by you whenever you take a step. 25600z




  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Infraorder: Heavy Shell Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Horn Wyvern
  • Family: Blos

The Ashigaru Monoblos is a Deviant of Monoblos. How it really came to be is a mistery as not many hunters see one in their whole lifetime.

Habitat Range

Ashigaru Monoblos prefer arid areas like the Ancient Outback or the Desert. However, there have been sightings of Ashigaru Monoblos in more tempered places like the Everwood, the Olympic Mountain Peak or even the Forlorn Arena.

Ecological Niche

The Monoblos, like their close relatives, are herbivores, yet highly aggressive and territorial. These special individuals are almost never preyed upon, even large predators such as Tigrex, Copper Blangonga or Seregios prefer avoiding them as best as possible. Only rare Elder Dragons or other Deviant Monsters pose a serious threat towards these rare wyverns, as Ashigaru Monoblos can easily turn the tables on their attackers by striking back with their large horn, powerful beaks, deadly tails, and powerful voices. These weapons make a Ashigaru Monoblos a creature that almost all predators refuse to hunt.

Biological Adaptations

Just like the regular species it has the ability to burrow underground. Even though regular Monoblos are highly sensitive to high-pitched sounds, Ashigaru Monoblos are only really sucsceptible to sonic bombs when performing some attacks. Its most notable trait is its enlarged and bent horn sitting atop their snout. This Monoblos has even stronger muscles, giving it the ability to dig fastly and to use their tails and head in highly complex attacks. How it can move this fast despite having such a large and heavy carapace is still heavily discusssed.


It, like the regular Monoblos, is highly aggressive and relentless towards other species. When Ashigaru Monoblos engage in fights against threats, they won't start with flashing their frills, instead they will immediately attack them mercilessly.

Its high aggression and furious attacks together with its remarkable horn gave it its secondar name, Killerspear.

Introduction Cutscene

  • Location:
  • Synopsis:




  • Its concept wasn't really fully thought out and just came to be because of a contest in the Old Fanon.
    • The goal was to create a new deviant to a given monster, which just happened to be Monoblos.


  • Narwhaler: Making the original icon and making a render.