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Armored Bulldozer Barroth
Titles Armored Bulldozer
Nicknames Armordozer Barroth, AB Barroth
General Info
Monster Class Brute Wyvern
Habitats Wildspire Waste, Sandy Plains (Rise), Scorched Desert
Size Large
Relatives Barroth, Jade Barroth
Signature Move Muddy Boulder Roll
Elements Earth Earth
Ailments EarthblightEarthblight
Muddy Muddy
Stun Stun
Weaknesses Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko (Given to ElusiveSeeker, then SomethingFunny1

Armored Bulldozer Barroth is a Deviant of Barroth introduced in ???.


Armored Bulldozer Barroth is covered in dark red-colored, rigid plates of armored hide with brown stains. The stains come from years worth of mud adhered to the Brute Wyvern's body. The crown structure on its head is much larger, even more so than a Jade Barroth's. The crown appears spikier now, giving it a slight spade-like appearance. It possesses enlarged claws on its limbs and its tail tip has become larger as well. This crown structure is an obsidian color, with red highlights.


It spends most of its time wallowing in bogs, partially submerged in mud. They are significantly more aggressive than normal Barroth and becomes extremely territorial when disturbed. Armored Bulldozer Barroth remain insectivores, feeding on Neopterons such as Altaroth, Bnahabra, and Konchu. When it wants food, it will break open an insect nest to feed on the Neopterons inside.



Armored Bulldozer Barroth will inhabit sandy areas with mud pits, like the Wildspire Waste, the Sandy Plains, or the Scorched Desert.

Ecological Niche

Barroth mostly eat insects such as Altaroth and Bnahabra. Extremely territorial, they will lie in wait underneath their bogs and lash out at anything that disturbs them. Due to their aggression and power, only the most powerful predators of the desert such as Black Diablos or Deviljho are capable of defeating an A.B. Barroth, although the rare territorial dispute with an Elder Dragon may also prove threatening. These creatures are quite powerful, being a Deviant, but when compared with other Deviants, they are a bit on the weaker side.

Biological Adaptations

A.B. Barroth share many of the same adaptations as regular Barroth, such as nostrils on the top of their "crown". However, this crown is much larger, and spade-like in appearance. Sometimes, rocks get stuck in the mud that it utilizes, giving them the moniker of Armored Bulldozer. These rocks can be used in any mud-related attacks, giving the chance to stun. A.B. Barroth are also quite strong, being able to throw boulders with its crown.

Game Data

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Glowing veins will appear in its obsidian crown, and its attacks will be faster.
  • Tired State: It will lose the ability to throw boulders, and its attacks will be noticeably slower and sluggish.

Interactions with Unique Statuses (Frenzy/Apex, Hyper Status, Tempered Status)

As a Deviant, Armored Bulldozer Barroth cannot be Frenzied, and in turn, cannot achieve Apex state. They are also unable to be Hyper or Tempered.

Damage Taken

  • Head: 10 (Cut), 40 (Impact), 10 (Shot), 30 (Fire), 45 (Water), 20 (Thunder), 30 (Ice), 20 (Dragon), 0 (Earth), 20 (Wind), 30 (Nature), 25 (Aether), 25 (Void)
  • Body: 10 (Cut), 40 (Impact), 10 (Shot), 30 (Fire), 45 (Water), 20 (Thunder), 30 (Ice), 20 (Dragon), 0 (Earth), 20 (Wind), 30 (Nature), 25 (Aether), 25 (Void)
  • Tail: 30 (Cut), 15 (Impact), 15 (Shot), 30 (Fire), 45 (Water), 20 (Thunder), 30 (Ice), 20 (Dragon), 0 (Earth), 20 (Wind), 30 (Nature), 25 (Aether), 25 (Void)
  • Legs: 20 (Cut), 20 (Impact), 20 (Shot), 30 (Fire), 45 (Water), 20 (Thunder), 30 (Ice), 20 (Dragon), 0 (Earth), 20 (Wind), 30 (Nature), 25 (Aether), 25 (Void)

Damage Effectiveness

  • Fire = ★★★
  • Water = ★★★
  • Thunder = ★
  • Ice = ★★
  • Dragon = ★
  • Earth = ✖
  • Wind = ★
  • Nature = ★★
  • Aether = ★★
  • Void = ★★
  • Poison = ★★★
  • Sleep = ★★
  • Paralysis = ★
  • Blast = ★★
  • Stun = ✖


Armored Bulldozer shares many of the same attacks as both regular Barroth and Jade Barroth. However, the mud attacks may have rocks in them and will cause Stun, along with Muddy.

  • Muddy Charge - A.B. Barroth will cover its crown in mud, and proceed to charge forward, and will only stop if it hits a hunter or a wall. If it hits a hunter, it will throw the hunter into the sky with the crown. May cause Stun and Earthblight.
  • Mud Sling - A.B. Barroth shovels up mud and throws it behind itself, raining mud in a triangle behind it. May cause Muddy or Stun.
  • Boulder Throw - Using its crown as a shovel, A.B. Barroth will pick up a large boulder and throw it at a hunter. May cause Earthblight or Stun.

Enraged State

  • Muddy Boulder Throw - Same as the Boulder Throw attack, except the boulder is caked in mud and may also additionally cause Earthblight.


Notes and Trivia

  • Armored Bulldozer Barroth was originally created by MonsterHunterFlacko, then given to ElusiveSeeker, then adopted by SomethingFunny1.
  • The prefix "Armored Bulldozer" references Barroth's inspiration, which was the "movement of bulldozers on a construction site".
  • The mud on its head, back, both legs, and tail can be broken off. The mud on its tail must be removed before it can be severed. The head must be broken once after the mud is removed the break the scalp off.
  • Armored Bulldozer Barroth can use Jade Barroth's U-turn charge, triple rock fling, and double head slam. It can also used a charged head slam similar to Uragaan's charged chin slam.
  • Armored Bulldozer Barroth will throw fewer rocks when coated in less mud.
  • When low on stamina, Armored Bulldozer Barroth's charges become much slower and takes more time to recover after a charge.
    • To regain stamina it will smash open an Altaroth nest and feed on the Neopterons.
  • Armored Bulldozer Barroth's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.