FanonMonsterHunter Wikia

This is the page where all the admins of the Fanon are listed and their ranks. Here is also where important announcements are made in the comments.

Normal users are forbidden from posting in Admin Board comments. Any user who does so can be blocked.

Admin Board

Rank Name Discord WhatsApp Email Facebook Twitter
Bureaucrat/Founder Setheo
Admin Nin10DillN64

Current Projects running

Request Project Description Status
X x x ☐☑
Wikia (JJ, initiated on Discord) Icon renaming Converting png icons to svg
Wikia Broken Icon links Fixing the broken icon links (changing from png to svg) of all pages
Wikia (Setheo) Icon revamp Icon Improvement (Design, removing or adding missing Icons - endless project)
Wikia (Arty Initiated) Rule Page Improvment Reworking the rule page, simplifing, fixing etc.
Wikia Template Fixing (various) fixing Armor, Weapon, Sharpness, Area, Infobox, Fangame, EDL Templates
Wikia Template Creation planing adding Palicoe + Palamute gear Templates
Wikia (Kweazle initiated) Icon navigation Spread sheet Creating Icon navpage to find all the icons, improvised version of current icon navbox
Wikia (JJ, Requested) BGC change of gallery Image improvement of gallery BGC of images in Gallery
Wikia (JJ, Requested) Gallery Template adding a Template for a better Gallery layout
Wikia Sharpness Template fixing reworking on the fanon sharpness template
Wikia Adding categories to all pages Endless cycle project, check if all pages/images have the correct icons added
Wikia Permission template adding/constructing a temple for Users to add to icons/pics to grant permisson of usage
Wikia (Yuki, Initiated discord) Weapon showcase Template Adding/ Tinkering a new weapon showcase Template from Yuki