FanonMonsterHunter Wikia
Titles Supersonic Wyvern
Nicknames Aci
General Info
Monster Class Fanged Wyvern
Habitats Sandy Plains, Tropical Savanna
Size Medium
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Missile Rush
Elements N/A
Ailments Stun
Weaknesses Ice


Creator GoldenDragonIlo

Acinogal are Fanged Wyverns that roam the Tropical Savanna and Sandy Plains, earning its title of one of the fastest--if not the fastest--Fanged Wyvern species alive.


Acinogal have the quadruped build found in most other Fanged Wyverns. It has a slim and sleek body structure with long limbs and tail, as well as a sloped, rounded head with typically green eyes, long canine fangs on both jaws and rounded ears. It greatly resembles a Southeast African cheetah, bearing cream-coloured fur with a white belly and mottled black spots dotted over its body (including teardrop-shaped markings near its eyes), excluding scales. Said scales are present on its face, lower limbs, and down its spine to its waist. The tip of its long tail also has enlarged scales. Older individuals appear to have shorter, brighter fur.


They aren't aggressive and most are nomadic, but they prefer to be distanced from others. They will refrain from picking fights with larger predators and even other Acinogal, if given the chance. Surprisingly vicious otherwise.

Ecological Information

Placement in Food Chain

Acinogal are predators, but they don't hold a high position in the food chain. They prey mostly on small herbivores, including Bullfango.

Behaviour Towards Other Monsters

When faced with a larger predator, Acinogal will simply run away. When faced with a second Acinogal, there is a good chance that they will either ignore each other or one will chase the other away if they get too close, unless they are part of a coalition.


Acinogal only leave behind Footprints and Gashes on the side of trees.

Specific Locale Interactions

In more wide-open areas, Acinogal becomes noticeably faster, and uses running attacks much more often.

Special Behaviours

Acinogal have no special behaviours to note.


Acinogal's abilities are nothing special. Despite the fact that it does have sharp canine fangs and claws, its physical endurance is somewhat lacking. However, its speed makes up for this, being able to strike an enemy and run to safety, whittling its endurance every strike. However, it should be noted it rarely goes for hit and run tactics.


  • Bite - Acinogal rears itself up slightly before lunging forward with a bite. Does low damage, knocks hunters over and when enraged, may jump back after use.
  • Swipe - Acinogal uses either front limbs to slash at the target. Does low damage, knocks hunters over and when enraged, may jump back after use or use the other arm. In some occasions, it will turn around and then use this on hunters attacking its sides.
  • Leap - Acinogal will jump at a target and pounce on them, which does low-to-moderate damage with a small chance to inflict Stun. Knocks hunters over, and may use this after running towards a target.
  • Pounce - Rage Mode only. Acinogal will make a short-distance pounce on a target, and if successful, will stand on top of the victim to prevent them from escaping. This is a pinning move.
    • Throat Bite - For most of this attack, Acinogal will claw at the victim to chip away at their health, around four times in a loop. If the victim takes too long to escape this move or a Dung Bomb/Pod isn't used in time, Acinogal will bite their throats, suffocating them and doing almost fatal damage when it finishes.
  • Kick - Acinogal will look over its shoulder and simply throw its hindlimbs back. Does low damage and knocks hunters over, and is relatively disruptive.
  • Missile Rush - Acinogal will assume a stalking position, charging for a powerful attack. After enough time has passed, Acinogal will yowl before running at alarming speeds to ram into a target. Does moderate-to-high damage and knocks hunters far back. In Rage Mode or High-Rank onward, it may turn one to two times to hit a target. Rarely does this in the middle of a hunt, and usually for ambushing prey and hunters.

Rage and Tired States

Rage State

Acinogal will slam both forelegs on the ground before letting out a loud howl, which requires Earplugs to block. Acinogal has drastically increased attacking and running speed, and takes less time to charge up for Missile Rush. However, this is short-lived and is more likely to enter Tired State afterwards.

Tired State

Acinogal has decreased attacking and running speed, and will stop running in certain attacks due to lack of stamina. Lasts longer if it just came out of Rage Mode.


Hunters can only mount Acinogal's back. It will not slam itself into walls because of this.


In-Game Information

N/A A Fanged Wyvern with a tall, slim body structure which allows it to reach speeds most other wyverns can't hope to achieve, giving it the title of one of the fastest living land-dwelling wyverns, if not the fastest. Its fangs and claws are just as deadly.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Four-Legged
  • Superfamily: Felid Wyvern
  • Family: Puma Wyvern

Habitat Range

Acinogal are limited with where they can live. They prefer savanna-type areas with large, wide-open areas where they can achieve top speed to catch their prey, but they are also widespread in areas and don't all share the same stretch of land. If one strays too far out in a desert, it is almost certain it will die.

Ecological Niche

Acinogal fill a role as the middle predator, but prey mostly on Kelbi, Bullfango and, if it feels confident enough, even Qurupeco, Great Jaggi and Pachalophin. However, it itself is often found prey to Rathian, Turajango, Seregios, Tigrex and even Ragilodillos. It has little to fight back against a predator, despite its ranking.

Biological Adaptations

Acinogal is noted for being able to run faster than most other monsters can. To do this, it has a flexible spine, flattened rib cage and detached shoulder blades. Unique leg muscles allow it to spring forward towards prey with each stride. It also has an enlarged heart, and it beats so much that Acinogal will find itself exhausted and won't be able to run, pausing to take a rest. However, it is not entirely overspecialised; large, durable canine fangs allow it to dig into prey's skin, and sharp, non-retractable hooked claws which allow for some form of gripping, especially the ground when turning in a chase. Its tail also acts like a rudder when it runs, which is how it can make such sharp turns.


Somewhat unpredictable. Though they are known to stay away from confrontations with other monsters, especially predators, they can be equally as aggressive if backed into a corner. Acinogal males have often been seen gathering in groups, better known as a coalition. Females don't join coalitions. When a female is in the vicinity, males will often fight each other to gain rights to mate, which oftentimes leads to coalitions ending altogether. They also like to get a good view of their surroundings, standing on top of rocks and tree stumps to survey the area.

Breakable Parts & Effectiveness


  • Its head can be broken twice.
  • Its forelegs can be broken simultaneously.
  • Its tail can be broken.

Damage/Status Effectiveness


Body Part Great Sword Icon White.png Cutting Damage Hammer Icon White.png Impact Damage Shot Icon White.svg Shot Damage
Head ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Forelegs ★★ ★★
Back ★★ ★★ ★★
Belly/Chest ★★ ★★ ★★★
Hindlimbs ★★
Tail ★★


Element Element Fire.png Fire Element Water.png Water Element Thunder.png Thunder Element Ice.png Ice Element Dragon.png Dragon
Entire Body ★★ ★★ ★★★
Element Element Earth.png Earth Element Wind.png Wind Element Nature.png Nature Element Aether.png Aether Element Void.png Void
Entire Body ★★ ★★★ ★★


Status Effect Status Poison.png Poison Status Sleep.png Sleep Status Paralysis.png Paralysis Status Blastblight.png Blast Status Stun.png Stun Status Blind.png Blind
Effectiveness ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★


Item Trap Icon Green.svg Pitfall Trap Trap Icon Purple.svg Shock Trap Ball Icon Yellow.svg Flash Bomb Ball Icon Grey.svg Sonic Bomb Dung Icon Dark Yellow.svg Dung Bomb Meat Icon Red.svg Meat
Effectiveness ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★

Interactions with Other Monsters

With Acinogal

Unless Acinogal are fought together in a quest, encounters between two different individuals will often result in a fight between them. There can be exceptions to this rule, however.

Turf War

Both Acinogals will stare down at each other, hissing and yowling at each other, before they lunge at each other, each trying to go for each others' throats. While they both stand on both legs, they wrestle with each other until one locks the other in place, before coming down to slam it. Both take damage, but the loser is left with more damage and possibly broken parts, while also being toppled over.

With Anouphre

Turf War

The turf war begins with the two monsters roaring at one another after which they start circling around one another. The first to make a move is the Anouphre as it leaps at the Acinogal and tries to slash it with its claws, but the Acinogal is faster and dodges out of the way. The Acinogal uses the Anouphre's miss as an opportunity to lunge in on top of the Anouphre, biting down onto it, dealing moderate damage. The Anouphre is trying to kick off the Acinogal but instead manages to swing its tail into the side of the Beast, knocking it off, slowing it down thanks to the paralytic toxins and dealing moderate damage to it. The Anouphre then leaps onto the Acinogal as the two roll across the place together while biting and clawing one another before eventually breaking up from another, having dealt moderate damage to one another again. The two monsters then leave the area at the same time.

With Turajango

Turf War

Both Fanged Wyverns will growl at each other, and the Turajango will walk around to the side, keeping its eyes on the Acinogal, all the while generating electricity. Acinogal attempts to threaten Turajango by slamming both front claws down with force and yowling at it, to which only provokes the bigger wyvern. It attacks by pouncing on the Acinogal, to which it rolls on its side, but Turajango is unaffected by this, only moving forward to continue biting at its back, which does consistent damage. Acinogal finally escapes, and quickly slashes the Turajango's face in a fit of rage, but the latter retaliates by grasping onto the former's neck, raising it up, and charging Thunder energy into its head, then blasting forth a shrapnel of lightning, flinging the Acinogal and doing high Thunder damage, while also toppling the cheetah wyvern. Turajango is the winner.



Item Name Description Frequency
Hide Icon Light Yellow.svg Spotted Pelt Fur from an Acinogal that is short, yet somewhat soft. Often made into clothes for savanna exploration. ★★★★★
Scale Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Scale A sandy scale from the Acinogal's face or legs. Prevents self-injury when it trips. ★★★★
Fang Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Fang A hard fang from an Acinogal that doubles as a piercing tool. Even more effective for weapons. ★★★

(★★★★ Reward - Head Break)

Claw Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Claw A hooked claw designed to keep its grip on the Acinogal's prey. Those who try to escape are left with bloody scars. ★★★

(Reward - Forelegs Break)

Tail Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Tail The rudder-like tail from an Acinogal. Surprisingly stiff, it helps the wyvern make sharp turns when running. ★★★

(Reward - Tail Break)


Item Name Description Frequency
Hide Icon Light Yellow.svg Spotted Pelt+ A softer, more durable pelt that won't tear even through wyvern claws or fangs. ★★★★★
Scale Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Scale+ A scale hardened by time. Acts as bracing for both the beast, and for armour. ★★★★
Fang Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Fang+ A solid fang, primed by its former wielder to choke its prey with a single bite. ★★★

(★★★★ Reward - Head Break)

Claw Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Claw+ The claws of an Acinogal are one of the most dangerous; getting grasped by it spells doom for most prey. ★★★

(Reward - Forelegs Break)

Tail Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Tail The rudder-like tail from an Acinogal. Surprisingly stiff, it helps the wyvern make sharp turns when running. ★★★

(Reward - Tail Break)

Ball Icon Light Blue.svg Wyvern Gem Throughout a wyvern's life, impurities gather and form this peculiar gem.

(Reward - Head Break)


Item Name Description Frequency
Hide Icon Light Yellow.svg Spotted Fur High-quality Acinogal pelt that offers both comfort and resistance in one piece. ★★★★★
Scale Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Shard An extremely hard, high-quality scale that refuses to break or bend, no matter the impact. ★★★★
Fang Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Hardfang A fang of perfect quality. In old times, it was thought that surviving this deemed you an upcoming hero. ★★★

(★★★★ Reward - Head Break)

Claw Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Hardclaw A high-quality claw that takes, and never gives back. One clasp, and you can never escape. ★★★

(Reward - Forelegs Break)

Tail Icon Light Yellow.svg Acinogal Lash The Acinogal uses this strong tail to steer it to its mark, charging at its prey with deadly precision. ★★★

(Reward - Tail Break)

Ball Icon Light Blue.svg Large Wyvern Gem A Wyvern Gem grown especially large after years of collecting mass. Emits a peculiar glow.

(Reward - Head Break)

Interactions with Unique Statuses

Acinogal can be Frenzied and Hyper. Due to its absence in the New World, it cannot be Tempered.


Acinogal's biting and clawing attacks can inflict the Frenzy.


Acinogal's head and sides can be powered up. It is also noticeably faster.


  • When enraged, Pitfall Traps will not work on Acinogal.
  • All Acinogal encountered in-game in allied groups are male.
  • Credit to Dino0310 for the Turf War with Anouphre.